The Clearing



Dan Easley - sounds
Richard Easley - guitars on 'Previous Mistakes'

Recording Notes:

written, performed, recorded by de except as noted.

After having spent a few months working on the much lighter A Child's Garden of Verses, it seemed right to submerse myself for a while in electronic drums and electric guitars.  This, too: I had little bits of frustrated and forlorn lyrics sitting around in my desk and mind, which all needed a good clearing out.

I'd recently started working at The Little Grill Collective, and had attended a show there by coworker Terry Turtle and his colleague Billy Brett, who together perform as Buck Gooter.  The experience was informative and inspiring.

'Previous Mistakes' is based upon a piece for acoustic guitars that my brother Richard Easley played and recorded.

Mark Lane (of The Shakes) set the words of 'Lover Help Me Out' to music.

space: 1972 city bus parked on a farm

instruments: 1995 Ibanez GR520OS electric guitar, Peavey T-20 electric bass guitar, 1928 Buescher C Melody saxophone, two cheap tambourines

hardware: cheap netbook and desktop, Focusrite Saffire Pro40 interface, AT3035 and SM58 microphones, Akai MPK Mini keyboard, modified Fender Champion 600 amplifier

production software: kXStudio / Ubuntu Linux, Ardour 2.x; Renoise 2.8 (on The Clearing, A Quiet Desparation, and No Hope for the Present)

effects and synthesizers: Guitarix, LV2 and LADSPA plugins by Steve Harris; Linuxsampler, Fluidsynth; samples: Sonatina Orchestra, miscellaneous

fowl: chickens, guineas, ducks

(all software open source and highly recommended, but for Renoise, which is closed-source but cross-platform, and also highly recommended.  the guitar, snare, and lead vocal parts of 'previous mistakes' were recorded using an ancient version of protools on a similarly ancient computer.)