Rob Miller

Rob Miller was born in the Northwestern Mountains of Ashe County, North Carolina, near the Virginia state line. By the time he was nine years old, Rob had been influenced by his next door neighbor, the late Walter Graham, a Baptist song leader, deacon and music teacher. Mr. Graham taught Rob Shape Note singing, an a Capella traditional form which uses a tuning fork to help the singers find the proper key, since the songs were rarely accompanied by instruments. Rob attended several Shape Note singing schools, and used his knowledge to learn a variety of traditional church hymns.

By the age of sixteen, Rob was leading the church choir. He sang with his sister, Brenda Miller, as Robert and Brenda. Rob became the lead singer with The Messengers Trio, a gospel group. He also sang with the Gospel Four Quartet of Ashe County as the soprano lead in the four-part harmony ensemble. The Gospel Four appeared live on WCYB-TV, Bristol, TN, and were also featured on the West Jefferson radio station, WKSK AM. The Arthur Smith Talent Search later recognized the Gospel Four Quartet as an outstanding gospel group. Rob also performed with the Lamplighter’s Quartet of Pennington Gap, Virginia. Rob Miller has been writing gospel songs since he was twenty-three.