The Kindly Ones

Frédéric Dorée, programmer, and Dan Easley, singer and multi-instrumentalist, combine forces to become The Kindly Ones, saving the world with delicate fury and precise abandon.

Frédéric was born, raised and overeducated in Liège, Belgium, and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. Dan grew up in Southwest Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (where he now lives).

Much of their collaboration takes place via the Internet, with semiregular meetings in meatspace to tidy things up. An example:

>>>> the second Kindly Ones record is so near completion it's beginning to smell.

>>> an enticing mix of vanilla and sandalwood, with a hint of mint, if 
>>> I may add.

>> really? wow.  i smelt burnt marshmallows. :)

> ah, that's because you smelled Crazy Machines, I smelled He Lives (slow dance
> mix). What Brutes smells more like barbecue.

Frédéric and Dan released their first record on Candlemas 2005: Lousy Like Our Mood - a collection of pop-format songs exploring intrapersonal relationships, melancholy, and the phenomena of time. Dark and quirky, with a jagged bite and a disarming grin, the songs flow from streetcorner to dancehall to factory floor, sometimes like a well-tuned racecar, sometimes like an old Ford tractor with a cylinder out.

On January 17th, 2006 (Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday), they released the single version of What Brutes, edited by the inestimably excellent DJ Redacted from a long jam he, Frédéric and Dan had conducted a year-and-a-half earlier.

On April Fools Day, 2006, they issued their sophomore release, Speak of the Devil, consisting of the trilogy mix of What Brutes, a long suite entitled Crazy Machines, and a few short reflections on art and travel. Contrary to their first release, it is explorative, often driving ambient music, with snippets of random chants and anecdotes throughout.

The Kindly Ones released their third record, entitled We Don't Have To Mean It, on March Fourth, 2011 - it was intended as the happy correlate of Lousy.... Not being particularly predisposed to the construction of happy pop songs, it took them awhile.

Two of The Kindly Ones' songs appear on Dan Easley's sundowning, and an earlier collaboration of Easley and Dorée's is on Pogo bonobo.