DJ Banjo

DJ Banjo was born in the north of France in 1743. Born already possessed of an immense vocabulary, voice, and beard, he immediately joined the circus. While employed on the road, first as a roustabout, then as a geek (or "Man Eating Chicken" - for four years he subsisted only on chicken heads), and finally as a strongman, DJ Banjo picked up mad skills and kung fu in super futuristic electronic technologies and the hidden funk of the open-backed five-string banjo.

Thirty-one years later he has descended to the earth to bring us the power to Dance. All that is required is a steady sense of Fun, and loyalty to the Groove. He has assembled an extraordinary legion of physical and virtual dancers and musicians - the Automatic Sweethearts - to join in body, spirit and electron toward life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Dan Easley says: "I mashed up old-time fiddle tunes and songs with cardboard cutout samples and loops from a free cd that came with some computer equipment.  I arranged these loops on a computer, then overdubbed myself playing banjo, saxophone, electric guitar, and piano, and I sang in a Waitsian/Beefheartesque manner.  Dance Magic!"
Band Interests:

Dan Easley likes to take long walks in the woods.

The fictional construct DJ Banjo enjoys eating horseflies and drinking water from murky pools.