The Burnt Possum Poets

Poet Jeremy Frey, storyteller Chad Gusler, and songwriter Dan Easley presented original works live, recorded, and published in the early 2000's. The following is presented for historical interest.

Based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Burnt Possum was founded just after the turn of the century and serves as the creative hearth for three word artists.

Dan Easley's lyricism finds its home in music, and occasionally forays into poems, rants and sermons. Already seven albums in the hole, he also produces other artists, focusing on singer-songwriters with a flair for transcendent pop. A Reverend twice over, he has yet to perceive the Plain people's plaint.

Graduating in 2006 with an MFA in Poetry & Creative Nonfiction, Jeremy Frey has published in DreamSeeker, Mennonite Life and The Mennonot. In the 90s, Gospel Herald actually paid him $70 for a poem. His poetry manuscript — tentatively titled "You Gonna Eat That?" — is absent of any direct reference to a particular whoopie pie in Pennsylvania.

Possessing a graduate theology degree, Chad Gusler currently frolicks toward an MFA in Fiction and finds a reason for glee in everything. Except bad coffee. Recently exhibiting "evident merit" to the New Yorker, his short stories flirt at the cusp of success. He steals ideas from his two kinder.

On the Ides of March, 2004, the Burnt Possum Poets, with help from Mike Deatonand Frédéric Dorée, released Pogo bonobo, a collection of spoken word and song.