Media and IT Services

Recent Clients

Multitrack Field Recording

I'm currently equipped to record eight channels at once via a portable recording rig.  Plans are underway to power the system from battery, with eventual photovoltaic panels, to provide a quality field-recording setup one can use for extended periods of time in the field.  At present I am limited to where AC outlets are available.  My microphones are cheap but reliable; the system is minimal but capable of a high quality of reproduction.

Still Photography

I have a digital SLR camera and familiarity with Photoshop et al.  A few years working in live television has given me a solid basis in lighting and composition; continued study of films by folks like Andrei Tarkovsky, Orson Welles, and Terry Gilliam has engendered some sort of style.  Taking nature photographs is one of my hobbies.

Website Design / Maintenance / Hosting

Websites I provide design, maintenance, and/or hosting for are on Linux servers, typically using MySQL and either Drupal or WordPress (based on requirements and client preferences.)  This site itself is a fairly good example of what I can create with Drupal; was recently crafted with WordPress.

Please contact me if you'd like help with stuff like this.