RMSB's Second Record

Ragged Mountain String Band

Recorded live to stereo in the Autumn of 2013, Ragged Mountain String Band's second (eponymous) release is available now!

You can listen to it here; please consider purchasing a copy to support the band!  Mail-order and digital distribution are on the way; in the meantime, we'd love to get a copy to you at one of our upcoming gigs!

Jugband and Country Classics from The Country Club

The Country Club

We're excited to be able to bring you this classic Keezletown recording featuring the fiddling and singing of Hannah Johnson, the voice, guitar, and tenor banjo playing of Aviva Steigmeyer, and upright bass playing by Lee Johnson (no relation).

Listen here!

Gospel Music From Ashe County, North Carolina

I Just Want To Thank You Lord

Shake A Leg Records welcomes Rob Miller, who's been singing in the Shape Note style since he was nine years old, and has been composing his own gospel songs since he was twenty-three.

We invite you to listen to his debut release, I Just Want to Thank You Lord.

Ragged Mountain String Band: Two Live EPs

Three From Red Wing / At the City Market

Ragged Mountain String Band have released recordings of three tunes from their July 14th, 2013 performance at the Red Wing Roots Music Festival in Mt. Solon, as well as a few tunes they played at the Charlottesville Farmer's Market on August 24th, 2013.

Freely available for listening/download here (Red Wing) and here (Farmer's Market).


Dan Easley: A Child's Garden of Verses

A Child's Garden of Verses

After a gap of three years, Dan Easley has released his tenth solo record, A Child's Garden of Verses. Spanning two-and-a-half hours, it consists of Robert Louis Stevenson's collection of 68 poems for children, set to music. On it, Easley accompanies his singing of the pieces with acoustic and electric guitars, synthetic orchestra, accordion, and theremin.

It's available for listening/download here.

Ragged Mountain String Band: Almost Drive Me Crazy

Recorded with a single microphone - no tricks! - Ragged Mountain String Band proudly presents its debut release, Almost Drive Me Crazy.

Thirteen traditional songs and tunes from the Appalachian Mountains, featuring Reuben Miller and Stavros Calos on the fiddles, Tucker Rollins on mandolin, Dan Easley singing and playing banjo and guitar, and Charlie Davis on the upright bass.

It's available for listening/download here, and for purchase at CDBaby.com, Amazon, and on iTunes.

The Shakes: Shake Shake Boogie

The Shakes present their third collection of studio recordings, Shake Shake Boogie, featuring nine compositions by Mark, one song by Dan, and two traditional pieces. 

With an approach more influenced by early blues, country, and rock and roll than The Blue Hotel evinced, Lane and Easley sing of love, death, money, dreams, and of how little of it makes any sense.  Mark's trombone and Dan's accordion trade licks over a backdrop featuring hammond organ, piano, electric guitar, horns, and drums (all played by Mark and Dan), all anchored by Crystal Shrewsbury on upright bass.

It's available for listening/download here.

Richard Easley: My Confession

Richard's latest record, My Confession, begins where his previous collection's stormy journey ended: with infinite hope for a future full of beauty and joy.  In a series of confessionals, Richard sings praises of love both romantic and spiritual, laid out over a patchwork of railroad lines, stainless steel diners, and wisteria-laden back porches.  He relates old conversations we've all had, or considered having; he shouts encouragement to his brothers; he contemplates God's residence in the morning dew.

It's available for listening/download here.

Richard Easley: Friend of the People

We've just finished Richard Easley's second record, Friend Of The People.  It's a collection of songs Richard has written and performs on guitar, pulling riffs from the blues, early country, flamenco, classical spanish and italian guitar pieces, and, of course, out of the ether. At once comforting and unsettling, the many characters Richard reveals through his versatile voice and laconic lyricism are hopeful, disheveled, streetwise saints.

It's available for listening/download here. A limited edition of CDs are available to purchase for $15 each - email Richard.

The Kindly Ones' Triumphant Return

The Kindly Ones have completed their long-anticipated third record, We Don't Have To Mean It.  A collection of 'experimental pop songs', it's chock-full of organic and synthetic sounds, organized in powers-of-two for your listening pleasure. 

It's available for listening/download here.

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